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Online Photo Restoration

Restore the beauty of your old photos from the comfort of your home! You can order quality professional restoration services online from our photo studio. Whether you're dealing with complex damage or intricate photo manipulation (a more comprehensive list of problems we solve with examples, below...), our artist-restorer will address any issue your photo faces.
Direct communication with the artist allows for revisions and high quality at a low cost due to eliminating intermediaries.
Getting Started: If you want to use our photo restoration service or simply inquire about processing costs, fill out any form on the website by uploading a photo in the corresponding field... For quick answers to any questions, use the online chat with the artist at the bottom of the screen...
Important: We only accept orders after confirming the processing cost and timeframe with the client!

Types of Defects We Address:

Photo Restoration
After Photo Restoration
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Restoration of Old Photos

Restoration of old photos is a process that allows you to restore their original quality and beauty. This can include eliminating all kinds of damage and defects, such as wear, stains, cracks, fading, color deterioration, etc. Photo restoration is performed using Photoshop software. Professional photo artists use delicate manual retouching methods to process images and bring them as close as possible to their original appearance. The following damages are manually addressed by professionals:

  • Cracks, scratches, breaks...
  • Stains, wrinkles
  • Photo parts glued together
  • Drawings on photos
  • Restoration of missing areas, and more
Artistic Enhancement
Enhanced Photo
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Artistic Enhancement and Clarity Improvement for Blurred Photos

Your photos deserve to look flawless! However, sometimes even the most beautiful moments can be marred by blurriness or inadequate brightness. No worries!
We are here to help you improve clarity and enhance the quality of your photos. Using modern technology, equipment, and professional skills, our photo artists will not only achieve that but also rectify any other issues found in your photos. We'll provide you with high-quality source files of your photos that you can use for printing or digital preservation.

Don't let blurriness or inadequate brightness spoil your memories!

From Black and White to Color
Black and White Photo After Colorization
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Colorization of Black and White Photos

Black and white photos are a classic that will never go out of style. But what if you'd like to make your photos more vibrant and lively? It's possible!
Our photo artists offer colorization of black and white photos. Using a special digital tablet and professional skills, they can add color and new life to your black and white photos. You can specify the desired colors in the description, such as eye, hair, or clothing colors, or you can leave it to the photo artist's creative choice. This service is perfect for those who want to see their black and white photos in vibrant colors!

Manual Photo Restoration
AI Photo Restoration
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Correcting the Effects of Poor Online Editor Processing

Modern photo processing technologies are continuously advancing, and many good editors have been developed for specific cases. However, when working with old, damaged photos that have various non-repetitive types of damage, achieving a satisfactory result without manual intervention is not always possible. That's why we often receive photos after using such online editors, with requests to fix them. In most cases, it's possible to correct them, unless the likeness of people in the photo has been compromised. In that case, it's better to send the original without any editing, as this will preserve the likeness and result slightly better!

  • Correct inaccurate colorization
  • Fix improperly removed defects and stains, etc.
Mending Torn Photo
Repaired Torn Photo
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Assemble and Mend Torn Photos

If your photos have been torn or cut for any reason and reprinting is not an option, don't rush to discard or attempt to glue or tape them together. There are much more effective methods! If you gather all the pieces, lay them out a small distance apart, and then scan them, you'll have the opportunity to edit the photo on your computer, greatly expanding the possibilities. And if you decide to entrust the processing to professionals, the chances of it regaining its original appearance are 90-98%.

Restoration of missing parts on a photo
Restoration of missing parts on a photo after processing
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Restore Missing Parts in Your Photo

On our website, you can restore missing parts in a photo. We offer professional photo restoration for images with missing portions. An experienced artist-restorer, using their skills and digital technologies, will restore the lost parts of your photo by either editing or intuitively drawing the missing area. If your photo has missing portions, send it to us, and we will let you know if restoration is possible and provide you with the cost and timeframe if applicable.

Coffee stain on a photo
Remove coffee stain from photo
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Remove Stains from Your Photo

Another problem we encounter is various types of stains. If the stain on the photo is not transparent, you can try using damp cloths for an initial result, but be cautious not to damage it permanently! For instance, you can try gently wiping the area where potentially important sections, people's faces, and other significant content are not present. If wiping such an area makes it transparent, even if the color is unnatural, it significantly increases the chances of restoring the photo. A photo with a transparent stain, like the example next to it, can already be fully wiped, scanned, and suitable for further digital processing...

  • Water stains, spilled coffee
  • Fingerprints
  • Mold stains
  • Children's paints, tape, etc.
Repairing a damaged photo
Damaged photo
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Restore Faded and Damaged Parts of an Image

In the work of a master in photo restoration, various challenges are encountered, but one of the most complex and attention-demanding tasks is restoring faded parts of an image and repairing damaged photos. In this article, I would like to share some difficulties we encounter. Faded parts and damage are related, but the causes of these issues are often incorrect storage and time! As a result, some old photos begin to develop micro-cracks. At the next stage, the particles of the upper layer of the photo start peeling, and finally, even the slightest friction causes it to crumble, which severely damages the entire photo. If you notice micro-cracks on one of your valuable photos, it's better to scan and restore it immediately, as it will be much more difficult and expensive later... Preserve what's important!

Child drew on a photo - what to do?
Remove drawing from a photo
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Fix Photos Drawn on by Kids

Kids find joy in drawing, but there's something special about the ability to draw on photos – it's even more captivating. If your child shows interest in this creative activity, it's important that their inspiration doesn't turn into a replication of Kazimir Severinovich Malevich's style. Otherwise, your photo might become irreparable. However, in most cases, such a situation doesn't arise, and your photos can successfully be returned to their original state, with our assistance, of course.

Remove texture from photo paper - after processing
Remove texture from photo paper
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Remove Textures and Paper Grain from Photos

Manual retouching, filtering, drawing, and much more – these are the processes needed for careful removal or reduction of unwanted textures and paper grain in photos. It requires a creative approach and delicate work with details to achieve the desired result. These same techniques are applied to eliminate newspaper or magazine grain, creating a smoother appearance.

  • Enhance photos from newspapers and magazines
  • Remove photo paper texture
Video of Photo Restoration Process

What Does the Photo Restoration Process Look Like

Restoring old photos is a process that often resembles archaeology since recovering long-lost details and preserving the original appearance of the photo require a lot of effort, care, and patience. My artistic skills help me perform "miracles," as some of my clients say, and my extensive experience in this field allows me to restore even photos that seemed irreparably lost. A professional approach to restoring old photos, using modern technology and art equipment, allows me to preserve details and restore images. The process takes time, but the result that can be achieved is worth the effort! Restored photos will not only preserve memories of the past but also help pass it on to the new generation, which could otherwise forever remain without photographic knowledge of past generations. Therefore, restoring old photos is a very important process that can help preserve our history for future generations, allowing us to better understand our past and, if desired, create a family tree from photos.

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After Photo Reconstruction
Photo Elements Reconstruction Before
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Image Reconstruction

Enhancing Detail by Replacing Objects

This is one of the alternative methods of photo restoration where damages on an object are not eliminated, but rather replaced by a similar object, if the content of the photo allows for it. Reconstruction is often applied in cases of severe wear and blurriness on the photo. Learn more about photo reconstruction and when it can be applied through the provided link.

  • Selection and replacement of image elements
  • Adds clarity and detail
  • Further enhances photos upon enlargement

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Improve facial clarity?
Improve photo clarity?
Coloring photo ?
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Greetings! My name is Ruslan Smirnov. By education, I am an artist-designer. For about 5 years, I have been creating commissioned portraits, and for more than 10 years, I have been working on photo processing. My knowledge and experience allow me to bring to life all the wishes of my clients... The majority of my work involves dealing with old photos, wartime photos, various types of processing, and photo manipulation.

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  • Feel free to write or call, I'll answer any questions;
  • To send photos, use the form on the site.
  • The online chat at the bottom of the screen will help you contact me easily and quickly...
Photo Restoration Process

What Does the Photo Restoration Process Look Like

Our old photos are an integral part of our history. They remind us of our loved ones and dear people, of ourselves, our childhood, youth, and moments gone by. These photos are the story of our family and ourselves, precious and unique memories that captivate and interest not only us... Have you noticed that when friends or relatives ask to show someone's photo, our family albums are quietly flipped through to the very end, after which hands reach for other albums... Because it's fascinating! Preserve your history!

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Photo Damage Restoration

Restoration Quality


  • Removal of all types of damage
  • Coloring (optional)
  • Enhancement of facial clarity
  • Detail and clothing enhancement
Photo Damage Restoration and Overall Enhancement

Restoration Quality


  • Removal of all types of damage
  • Facial enhancement
  • Clothing and detail enhancement
  • Coloring included
  • Print-quality for A4-A3
How to Scan Old Photos
How to Scan Photos

Most often, clients use nearby copy centers or scanners at home or the office to digitize photos. If you plan to scan your old photos yourself, you might find some useful tips at the link below.

How to Capture Old Photos
How to Capture Photos

If you have a smartphone with a good camera, you can capture your old photos. You can do this using the built-in "Camera" app or a dedicated program that automatically removes glare and distortions during shooting.

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